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female runner drinking water

Hydration for Your Health: The Importance of Drinking Water

Our bodies need water to survive. About 60% of the adult human body is water, and a large number of body systems require it to function normally. Take a look at all the ways our bodies use water:

  • Body temperature: Sweat helps to regulate body temperature and keep us cool.
  • Circulation and heart health: When properly hydrated, the blood carries more oxygen cells, and the heart can pump easier.
  • Digestion and waste removal: Water helps your body break down food and absorb nutrients; water also helps the kidneys transport waste out of the body’s cells, and keeps the gastrointestinal tract in good working More >
Practicing office yoga as part of corporate wellness

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Are All the Rage

Corporate wellness programs have been around for years, but it’s been in the last several that they’ve really taken off and become mainstream. With healthcare costs increasingly chipping away at company profits and the health of our nation a continuing concern, organizations are taking notice of their role in employee wellness.

What Is a Corporate Wellness Program?

A wellness program is one that offers an incentive to improve health. These take vastly varying forms from organization to organization. While one company might make next year’s gym membership free to someone who used it a certain number of days this year, another company More >