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5 Healthy Recipes in 20 Minutes

Many people use the excuse they are too busy, or don’t have time to eat or live a healthy lifestyle – but in my opinion if something is important to you, you will make time for it. That being said, I am a fan of salads in a mason jar, and of cooking my packed lunches the day before.  Being healthy is more than making better choices, it is a way of living – if being healthy becomes a daily habit for you AND your family, then you are home-free! The team at Sunlighten has come up with some awesome …

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9 Smoothie Recipes for a Smart Diet

We love smoothies at Sunlighten! Smoothies make an excellent snack, a good pre-workout meal, or a fantastic on-the-go breakfast (as much as we’d love for life to always go as planned, smoothies make up for those days when you’re running late and need to fuel up in the morning). What’s more, if you choose the right ingredients, including whole fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins, smoothies can pack a powerful nutritional punch. There are so many great smoothie recipes out there, and today we’re going to share some staff favorites from smoothie enthusiasts, Tess Masters and Kris Carr . Whether …

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Maintaining a Healthy Mind in Uncertain Times

If you’re stressed about the pandemic, you aren’t alone. According to June 2020 data from, 46% of Americans say they’re “very worried” or “fairly worried” they could suffer serious illness or death from COVID-19.[1] Health anxiety is perhaps the primary stress, but other stresses are significant too. The fear of losing your job. The fear of relatives contracting the coronavirus. The fear that your childrens’ education will suffer. Significant chunks of the global population are feeling these fears, and many are caused by one thing: Uncertainty. Nobody knows what’s coming next, or when and if things will return to …

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Fall Detox Tips to Keep You Warm & Healthy All Season Long

Winter is coming, and you know what that means: cold and flu season. Prepare your immune system to fight back with a fall detox.  A build-up of toxins can lead to a host of common illnesses. Ridding the body of these toxic substances may help relieve symptoms, prevent future illness, and increase overall health and vitality. Here’s what you need to know to about a full body detox, so you can reset your defense system and remain healthy all winter long. Detox Basics What is the best way to do a body detox? There are many ways to detox, and …

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Men’s Health Month Series: 4 – The Men of Sunlighten Share Their Health Secrets

As Men’s Health Month comes to an end, I want to share some tips to inspire others to empower wellness. I’ve already shared how I keep my health a priority by including my family in the process. Read on to learn how some of our Sunlighten associates fit wellness into their everyday lives.    Build Your Energy Levels “I started strength training 19 years ago, selfishly to look good. Now that I have young children I want to lead by example, and stay healthy for them.  It can be a challenge to keep energy levels up with three small kids …

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Men’s Health Month Series: 2 – Make Healthy Living a Family Affair

If you are reading this, chances are that you are committed to improving your health and wellness. That’s awesome! The key to success is to find a community of supportive, active people to join you on this journey. And, who better than your family? My wife, Connie, and I are committed to making our healthy lifestyle a family affair. Our boys are still young, so we try to be active as a family. Eating healthy meals together is also a wellness habit that makes sense for us. In the spirit of Men’s Health Month, I would like to share some …

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Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Here at Sunlighten, we have hand selected our favorite Mother’s Day gifts to empower healthier living. View our top picks for some inspiration to pamper Mom and keep her happy and healthy! lumiNIR Fight Aging with Red Light Therapy From the experts in light therapy comes a powerful treatment that fits into the palm of your hand. The lumiNIR features the breakthrough LED technology first introduced in Sunlighten 3-in-1 infrared saunas. We developed the lumiNIR with four separate LED light attachments to target cellular regeneration to an isolated area beneath the skin’s surface: …

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Reboot & Recharge for Spring with These Detox Tips

After a long, daunting winter, spring has finally arrived!   Along with it comes the buzz of getting in shape for summer.  The thought of wearing a swimsuit may provide all the motivation you need to shed those extra pounds.  But, don’t get fooled by the numerous “lose weight quick” schemes which can cause more harm than good.  It is important to focus on healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.   Sweat sessions, detox drinks and clean eating can help get you on the right track. Easy, Non-Invasive Ways to Cleanse & Detox Your Body   Sauna Sweat Sesh In addition to revitalizing …

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Keto, Upgraded: Burn Fat, Balance Hormones, Reclaim Your Sexy + More!

The number goes up again on the scales. Your jeans fit a little more tightly. You snap at your coworker over a minor mistake. By early afternoon, you’re searching for caffeine or something sweet to pull you through a seemingly never-ending workday. Any of this starting to sound familiar? By the time you get home, all you want to do in bed with your significant other is sleep. “Sexy” is decidedly not in your self-descriptive vocabulary. The Fix for Hormonal Imbalance Welcome to menopause or hormonal imbalance, which can leave you struggling with a crashed metabolism, mood swings, near-zero energy, …

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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and we are feeling merry and bright here at Sunlighten! This year’s gift guide was a team effort with hand-selected gifts from Sunlighten staffers.  We hope you enjoy our gifts to inspire a happy and healthy holiday season! For the Wellness Enthusiast  Heat Up Your Gift-Giving with a Sunlighten Sauna When the weather outside is frightful, the warmth of a sauna is so delightful. For your loved ones (and yourself), Sunlighten offers the best quality and most innovative light therapy solution in the world. Our customizable infrared saunas empower users to take control of their …

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