Fitness Tips of Champions

Fitness Tips of Champions

My 8 and 6 year old could not be more excited for the Olympics.  They have really fallen in love with Michael Phelps and all of his accomplishments.  For me personally, watching these athletes compete truly gets me fired up.  They work so hard for so long, it is all about personal accomplishment of lifelong dreams.  Olympic athletes train for years in order to compete in the Olympics.  This typically includes an extensive workout regime, a strict diet, and intense mental conditioning, but they didn’t get there overnight.  As with most things, health and wellness takes time and gradual change.  More >

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Get Healthy Glowing Skin in 30 Minutes

Have you ever wondered how celebrities do it?  Not only do they flaunt flawless skin every time they walk outside, but they manage to keep and maintain it even with their fast-paced lifestyles.  Meanwhile, breakouts and other skin issues follow us mere mortals around like a bad plague!  What is their secret, and what can we do to experience healthy glowing skin without needing to purchase expensive creams, cleansers and lotions?

Where Do Skin Problems Start?

Getting down to the science of it all, blemishes and other skin problems can originate from a myriad of sources.  For starters, hormonal imbalances can cause acne.  Immune More >

your best exercise routine

The Best Exercise Routine

Many experts agree that having a balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and exercising 3 to 5 times a week for at least twenty minutes helps boost immunity, mood and overall well-being.  Since the invention of the fit bit, which conveniently syncs with our smart phones, many Americans are turning their lives around by becoming more active.  But let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys working out (even though they should).

It seems like every week there is some new routine or exercise regime that promises amazing results in no time at all.  I have watched many people try and fail at More >

Natural Ways to Detox Your Body After the 4th of July

There is nothing quite like the 4th of July:  family, friends, fireworks, and let’s not forget my favorite part, the food! Typically, a 4th of July celebration is not complete without a little BBQ and other sinfully delicious treats like potato salad, creamed corn, deviled eggs and a myriad of desserts.  If you are anything like me, then you don’t feel the repercussions of your actions until AFTER the fun…  I call it “eater’s remorse” and it hits the day after partaking in the holiday’s gastronomical adventures – in this case, July 5th.

Before the fun, my bathroom scale and I were friends.  More >