ways to boost the immune system

6 Ways to Boost the Immune System

As summer fades into autumn, another season also begins – cold and flu season. While cold temperatures alone don’t cause viral infections, a lowered core body temperature can weaken the immune system’s ability to fight off illness. Help yourself stay healthy with these six immune-boosting strategies.

Choose Immune-Boosting Herbs

A variety of herbs can help your immune system fight off illness:

  • Echinacea tea helps fight off upper respiratory tract infections, including cold and flu viruses.
  • Panax ginseng contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Garlic doubles as an antibacterial and immune booster.
  • Ginger promotes healthy lung function and may help reduce cholesterol.
  • Turmeric helps protect the liver and adrenal More >
sweating in an infrared sauna

The Benefits of Sweating

Sweat is something most of us are uncomfortable with. Sweat is often seen as embarrassing and unhygienic – despite being a perfectly natural body function that all of us experience. In spite of its perception of being unclean and therefore unhealthy, sweat is actually beneficial for our health. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover some health benefits of sweating.

Body Detoxification

The skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It is also an important part of your body’s natural detoxification process – and sweat is the vehicle that your body uses to carry harmful toxins out of the More >

clean, mold-free home

Toxic Mold Exposure and Your Health

Your home could be making you sick – and you might not even know it. From bathrooms to basements, many areas of our home feature prime growing conditions for mold. Although some molds are benign or even beneficial – penicillin, for example, is produced from mold – most molds have a range of adverse health effects that could be contributing to a lower standard of living at home. Don’t live with mold! Discover the negative health effects of mold, and learn more about how you can prevent and treat household mold.


How Mold Affects Our Health

A little moisture and poor ventilation More >


Childhood Cancer Awareness: Alternative Treatment Options

When we think of cancer, many things come to mind. A mother. A grandparent. An uncle. Breast cancer. Lung cancer. Skin cancer. What most of us probably don’t think of? Children. When we think of children, images of youth, health and vitality come to mind. Yet for many kids in the U.S. and around the world, a healthy childhood is only a dream.

More than 15,000 children and teens in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year; of those, 1 in 5 won’t survive. Because childhood cancer is not common, many parents ignore the thought and do not research the More >


4 Celebrities Who Use Infrared Saunas

Need one more reason to try out infrared sauna therapy?  It’s one of the biggest anti-aging trends in the celebrity world! Health-focused celebs are touting the benefits of infrared saunas – from detox to weight loss to improved sleep – as a key component of their health and wellness regimes. Some even claim infrared saunas as a secret to their beauty! Just check out these four superstars who use an infrared sauna on a regular basis.

Jennifer Anniston

When it comes to beauty, Jennifer Anniston is all about the natural methods, including infrared sauna use. During an interview this summer about her fitness More >

Celebrating Sunlighten Sauna’s 16th anniversary

Sunlighten Saunas Celebrates 16 Years

This month marks Sunlighten Sauna’s 16th anniversary. And while every year is a big year here at Sunlighten, this past year saw a couple of extra-special occasions and announcements.

Sunlighten Company Vision

This year we revamped our company vision to better align with our mission here at Sunlighten. Our new Sunlighten Vision reads:

“We are committed to innovating wellness products and services that empower you to improve your quality of life.

As the company of choice for businesses, consumers, and trusted experts, Sunlighten welcomes you to our growing global community.

We want to make a difference.

That’s what drives us.”

Awards, Innovations and Partnership

This vision to improve More >


Top 5 Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

You probably don’t know it, but the products on your bathroom counter contain almost as many chemicals as the average cleaning cabinet. We use cosmetics and personal care items to keep our appearance neat and our bodies clean – yet the majority of personal care products on the market today are chock full of questionable ingredients.

Of the tens of thousands of chemicals used in the manufacture of personal care products, few are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug and Administration (FDA). These chemicals range from allergens and hormone disruptors to carcinogens.

Cleaning up your cosmetic routine can be overwhelming, especially More >

woman meditating by the ocean

9 Natural Stress Management Techniques

9 Natural Stress Management Techniques

It seems like every health article you ever read mentions stress reduction as a critical factor to better health. Easier said than done though, right? Unless you have a massage therapist at your beck and call or the ability to completely remove yourself from stress-inducing situations, stress is likely to find you on a weekly or even daily basis. So next time deadlines are looming, the children are screaming or life just seems too crazy to comprehend, try one of these natural stress management techniques to help keep calm and carry on with your life.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is More >

Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

7 Ways to Reduce Inflammation in the Body

Chronic inflammation has become a source of concern in the last decade. While not all inflammation is bad – inflammation is an important defense mechanism in the body – chronic inflammation has been connected with a wide range of health problems, including heart disease and autoimmune diseases. If you’re concerned about the impact of inflammation on your health, consider the following foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle factors as ways to reduce inflammation in your body and live a healthier, happier life.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Foods that Reduce Inflammation

One of the easiest ways to reduce inflammation in your body is to be More >